To the North! One visit to Chicago’s Uptown (my humble home) and Edgewater neighborhoods will have you falling in love with the North Side of Chicago. Uptown and Edgewater have long been centers of entertainment and culture, ever since their boundaries were laid out after the huge housing boom in the area at the turn of the century. Today, they retain their reputation as two of Chicago’s most fascinating and diverse neighborhoods. I’ll show you some of my favorite highlights.

Clark Street in Andersonville

Swedish American Museum

This trendy slice of the city is home to a bevy of local businesses that are so cute you just have to try them. From scrumptious restaurants (Anteprima, Acre, Lady Gregory’s), to neighborhood watering holes (Farraguts, The SoFo Tap, Simon’s), Clark Street has all of those silly physiological needs (and some that aren’t) met in the best possible way. Then you’re free to shop, friends, because Clark Street has some of the best options in the city, including Milk Handmade and the Swedish American Museum Store.


Asia on Argyle

Asia on Argyle

Throughout a four-block radius around Broadway and Argyle St., something magical happens; we are taken from Chicago to instead embark on a tour of a number of Asian nations including Vietnam, China and Thailand. You are filled with the sights and smells at Tai Nam food market and overwhelmed by the beauty at Hiep Loi Gift. And that doesn’t even mention the restaurants. They’re everywhere, and they’re all delicious.


The Music

Aragon Ballroom

Uptown has long been a center of music for Chicago, ever since it hit its first big boom in the early 1900s. Uptown is home to the legendary music venues The Riviera (the cool kids just call it “The Riv”) and Aragon Ballroom. Both are results of that big boon in the late 19-teens and 1920s, and they have the stunning architecture to prove it. If you’re into a smaller crowd, check out some of the best jazz in the city at The Green Mill, a Prohibition era watering hole, with rumored connection to the infamous Al Capone.


Buena Park

This neighborhood is just plain beautiful. Take a stroll on Buena and Pine Grove to gaze at gorgeous mansions and quaint neighborhood businesses. It truly has a family feel, with its tree-lined streets and close proximity to the lake. While there, stop at neighborhood favorites like The Bar on Buena, Fornello Trattoria and Holiday Club