Matt Kirouac

Finally, a museum you can eat! Well, sort of. Chicago's groundbreaking Foodseum is the first of its kind in a city renowned for its exceptional food, both in history and in modern dining.

While Foodseum works on securing a permanent location, the interactive organization has set up shop in Block Thirty Seven. Founded by Kyle Joseph, the museum is an ode to Chicago food past and present, featuring exhibits that go well beyond the standard museum display. Here, visitors can smell, touch and taste their way through Chicago's food lore.

The first exhibit, aptly, is an homage to the almighty hot dog, launching inside Block Thirty Seven on September 19. One of Chicago's most quintessential and signature creations, the exhibit pays tribute to the great Chicago-style dog, as well as encased meats across the planet.

Matt Kirouac

The meaty exhibit takes shape on the second floor of the Loop mall and will run through December 20. The museum plans to build its permanent facilities in 2017, though location is still to be determined. Ultimately, folks can expect a rotating roster of interactive exhibits that run the gamut from food trucks to bacon.

For more information on Foodseum, visit here

Photos via Foodseum