The Odd Couple

George Wendt, veteran of stage and screen with over 100 film and TV credits to his name, is best known for playing Norm Peterson for 270 episodes on the legendary sitcom, Cheers. Tim Kazurinsky is known for playing Officer Sweetchuck in Police Academy 2-4 and for his years in the cast of SNL. But in 1979, before George and Tim were beamed into your living room or movie theatre, they wrote and performed in two shows together in Chicago at The Second City.

And they clearly haven't forgotten those Chicago roots, because they're teaming up for an all-star production of The Odd Couple at Northlight Theatre, November 2 through December 9.

The Odd Couple, one of Neil Simon's most beloved plays, follows Oscar and Felix whose recent marriage troubles force them to move in together. Oscar is a slob, Felix is obsessively clean. Putting the two pals together unleashes a fount of humor. Wendt and Kazurinsky's real life friendship will bring a wealth of characterization and depth to the production that I can't wait to see.

Chicago has a love/hate relationship with Los Angeles. We love seeing our hometown actors hit it big, but we miss getting to watch them on stage here in Chicago. This is one of those rare opportunities where our exported talent comes back to remind us why we loved them so much in the first place.

The Northlight Theatre is a bit out of the way, located at 9501 Skokie Boulevard in Skokie, Illinois (Skokie is a near suburb of Chicago), but Wendt and Kazurinsky will make it well worth your trip.

Tickets are on sale now and range from $25-44.

For tickets and more information visit Northlight Theatre.