Camp Randall

Badger football has kicked off and even though you can't be part of the sea of red at Camp Randall, you can always find a nice pond of red to get rowdy and enjoy the game at some of these great, Badger certified bars in Chicago.

Will's Northwoods Inn (3030 N. Racine Ave.)

The smell of cheese curds, beer, and beer battered brats hang in the air as you sit in a wood paneled room during the game. It's not heaven; actually, it's not even Wisconsin. Believe it or not, you're in Lakeview. Will's Northwoods Inn has been rated time and time again as Chicago's No. 1 Badger's bar, which is quite evident by the red covered patrons that pack the place on game day.

Enjoy the game and yell, "U-Rah-Rah-Wisconson" in what feels like a cabin right out or the Northwoods area, complete with walls covered with antlers, mounted bass, and of course hung with pictures of the Northwoods. Enjoy $2 cheeseburgers, brats, and hot dogs on game days, and of course grab some free popcorn and cheese curds. The only thing missing is an "all you can eat fish fry." Oh wait, that's every Friday.

Cedar Hotel (1112 N. State Street)

Hut-hut-hut- bar! The Cedar Hotel is back again this year with their infamous Drinking Glove. On game days, you can pick up the official Cedar Hotel Drinking Glove for only $10 which will land you some great deals on drinks, and once again, cheese curds. Save this fingerless glove because you can bring it back each and every game day and get the same great deals.

Redmond's Ale House (3358 North Sheffield)

Sure, you're not in Madtown, but Wrigleyville is kind of like a distant cousin twice removed. So hey, run the option and head over to Redmond's Ale House to enjoy the game with some other Badger fans. On Game Day, Redmond's gives out free, red Wisconsin Badger sunglasses, so hope for a sunny day and root for the Badgers in one of Chicago's biggest party spots.

FatPour (2005 W. Division Street)

This new bar is taking the Wicker Park area by storm and would love to host any and all University of Wisconsin Alum on game day. Officially a member of the Wisconsin Alumni Association, FatPour is a great place to grab a beer with a fellow Badger. But be aware of bringing any indecisive alum to FatPour as they have over 50 beers on tap! And at this point, I feel like I don't even have to mention it, but yes, they have cheese curds too.

So visit one of these bars and enjoy the cheese curds! Sorry, I mean: Enjoy the game!