Chengdu Impression

Here at Choose Chicago, we believe one of the best ways to jumpstart a truly epic experience in Chicago is to get ideas from the people who know the city best. Our locals, some of the greatest ambassadors of Chicago you can find, are invaluable resources for discovering the greatest things to see and do in the city.

In celebration of Chinese New Year, this week we asked you which Chinese restaurant in the city is your favorite. From the heart of Chinatown to Argyle Street and beyond, there's no end to the Chinese hot spots you can enjoy in Chicago.

Get those checklists ready!


Won Kow Restaurant (2237 S. Wentworth Ave.)


House of Bing (6930 S. South Shore Dr. #1)


Joy Yee (2139 S. China Place)
Chi Tung (9560 S. Kedzie Ave.)


Chengdu Impression (2545 N. Halsted St.)


Hon Kee Restaurant (1064 W. Argyle St.)


Chens Chicago (3506 N. Clark St.)
Dee's Mandarin and Sushi Lounge (1114 W. Armitage Ave.)
MingHin Cuisine (2168 S. Archer Ave.)


Lao Sze Chuan (multiple locations)


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Photo: Chengdu Impression via Facebook