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New Year's Eve. It's supposed to be the most epic of nights, the party to end all parties, the sparkliest night in a series of oh-so-sparkly celebrations. Now that the glitter has settled and champagne is back on ice, it's time to get back to "the real world," right? No way! Not in Chicago. To celebrate 2013 we're going to offer up some suggestions for how to party like a Chicagoan, which is to say, often.

The Dive Bar

Scuzzy, dark, cheap, and easy. Chicago has a host of great dive bars, and most of them promise to offer a loaded jukebox and overflowing taps. What more do you need to ring in 2013? Just because a bar is noticeably lacking in a dress code and velvet rope, doesn't mean it's not worth your time.

The Comedy Show

Something of a comedy buff myself, I don't see many better options for ringing in the New Year than by laughing your hindquarters off. You can check out some of the bigger clubs like Second City, Up and Zanies, but don't forget those off-the-radar-types like The Playground, The Annoyance, and Mary's Attic for some top notch local talent.

The Local Band

Chicago has tons of music to offer, whether its our trademark brand of blues or a killer 80s cover band (I'm looking at you, 16 Candles). 2013 is a perfect opportunity to take advantage of the auditory bliss abounding in the city for a night your ears with certainly remember. And who really wants to spend the night small talking when you can spend it grooving?

The Friends' Party

You can eat what you want, drink what you want, and only allow the people on your "Tolerable" list. That sounds like a party made in Heaven for me. And if everyone chips in on the booze, food, and cleanup, it'll be a low drama evening for all. Well, actually. If your friends are anything like mine, cheap booze is a recipe for drama, but it's a whole lot less taxing on your wallet. You're welcome!

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