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Ah, February, the shortest month of the year. Is it a leap year? I have no idea. Is that something I should figure out before I start writing articles published for the masses? Probably. Either way, it’s still the shortest month of the year and that means only one thing in my mind — fewer nights to enjoy great local comedy! Never fear friends, your girl over here has got you covered. I’ll let you know the shows I’ll be seeing this month to help you narrow things down.

Lethal Action Force at iO

I've worked with a couple memebers of this ensemble and I'm possibly harboring secret romantic fantasies about one of them. Possibly. But there are many other reasons to recommend this young, daring improv group for a February night. Each time they take the stage, they improvise an action show using audience suggestions. Complete with dashing heroes, terrible villains, and damsels in distress, Lethal Action Force will give you a dose of thrill—Chicago style.

Go Hug Yourself at Donny’s Skybox at Second City

February is so tough on us single folk. Luckily, some of Chicago’s most fabulous young comedians have put their hilarious dating moments into brilliant sketches. Go Hug Yourself is a trip through the heartbreaking, butterfly-inducing, and downright awkward dating world. Knowing this batch of talent, there’s no way you’ll come out frowning—single or not. 

Damn, Gina! at Donny’s Skybox at Second City

This is one of my favorite local improv groups. They are wacky and daring, never afraid to turn things up to eleven to get a good laugh. Check out their newest set at midnight on Saturdays this month. Trust me, this one is worth staying up late for.

The Blackout Diaries at The Lincoln Lodge

A friend asked me what fun things there are to do in Chicago, and I started naming my favorite places to go. He said, “Sarah, those are all bars.” There are a lot of things to do here that do not involve drinking. I just apparently rarely take part in any of it. Either way, Chicagoans (and let’s face it, the world) love our spirits, and this crew of up-and-coming comedians is no different. They tell their favorite stories in the bar scene in Chicago, and it’s almost a guarantee that you will be laughing—wine or water. 

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