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It's rare for over 50 of Chicago's top restaurants and chefs to gather in one location, offer samples of their most coveted menu items and withhold a service charge. By rare, we mean it happens once a year. Take advantage! With the January 24 event less than 393 hours away, here are four irrefutable reasons to buy your First Bites Bash tickets now.  

Because They'll Be Gone. Soon.

This town is so delicious you'd think the streets were paved with a butter squash puree and the city's buses running on truffle oil. When Union Station's Great Hall is packed with 50 of the best chefs and restaurants in the area, the only thing hotter than a ticket will be the Churrasco Flank Steak at the Texas de Brazil table. Lucky for you, tickets are still available and you can buy them by clicking here.

Because You're Hungry.

Let me break this down: YOU NEED FOOD TO SURVIVE. Right now, your body is performing a very complicated biochemical process involving micronutrients and hollow organs. In order to remain a functioning adult, you need a steady onslaught of elegantly plated lamb shank and fire roasted Shishito Peppers. It's called science.

Because It's Cool.

And you're cool. And the only way to stay cool is to do cool stuff. Chicago's social energy is paced with a steadfast tide of restaurant openings and accolades. First Bites Bash is the catchall event for Chicago dining. Translation: if you bring a date, they'll be thoroughly impressed with your ability to navigate the scene.

Because You Deserve It!

Nobody deserves an evening full of cider-braised pork belly, mushroom risotto and red velvet cupcakes more than you. Treat yourself. Live a little. It's about time you did something for #1.  

First Bites Bash will be held on January 24, 2013 in Union Station's Great Hall from 6:00PM-9:00PM. A portion of the proceeds from ticket sales will go to benefit Bear Necessities Pediatric Cancer Foundation. First Bites Bash is a preview event for Chicago Restaurant Week, an annual city-wide, ten day event (February 1-10) that features special prix fixe menus at over 250 area eateries.

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