Drinkin with Lincoln

Today we celebrate the 206th birthday of one of our nation's finest presidents, iconic Illinois figures, and miniature mascots extraordinaire

In honor of his legacy, two of Chicago's premier beer connoisseurs set out today to explore important sites that marked key moments in his life story. Liz Garibay, founder of History on Tap, and self-proclaimed beer snob Francesca Mazurkiewicz are on a journey to make vital connections from Lincoln's past to present-day alcohol makers and drinkers.

Garibay and Mazurkiewicz will be meeting with local historians, curators, brewers and distillers, all of whom will provide insight on the important sites that crafted one of America's greatest heroes.

So, what better way to show Lincoln some love than by venturing out on an epic road trip across the country in the name of history, travel and beer?

For a little preview of the six-day trip, check out the video below, featuring places such as Oakwoods Cemetery, Douglas Tomb, Grant Park and Lincoln Park.

Join Garibay and Mazurkiewicz on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #DrinkinLincoln, as well as on their Facebook pages - History on Tap and The Working Mom's Travels.

Be sure to join them at a special welcome party when they return on Feb. 17 at Lagunitas Brewing Company!