Hummingbird Food Truck

In a new weekly mouthwatering series, we'll be taking a look at several of the hottest commoditites in any major city's culinary landscape these days: food trucks. We're talking sweets and comfort foods, we're talking Asian cuisine and organic, but most importantly, we're talking about where you can track these goodies down. Follow along on Wednesdays to learn more about this week's featured food truck - and be on the lookout for them on the streets.

Known as the first authentic food truck in Chicagoland, Hummingbird has generated quite a bit of buzz, including being named in FOOD AND WINE magazine as their "where to go next" spot. A solid 15-year long reputation preceeds the food truck, with its two Evanston restaurants, Union Pizzeria and Campagnola, drawing in quite the following over the past few years. 

Food from Hummingbird Kitchen's food truck is prepared fresh on site, with all of the cooking done on-site - no pre-prepared food or re-warmed burger patties on this truck. To keep up with their ever-changing menu and location be sure to follow @hummingbirdtogo. Past menu items are along the lines of Texas beer burritos and vegetarian quinoa burritos, garlic fries, with a several variations of sweets, including mini valrhona chocolate panna cottas.

Hummingbird Food Truck food

From casual (sandwiches and Italian fries) to formal (beef tenderloin & roasted fingerling potatoes), this mobile restaurant is also available for catering any event you may have, whether you have 30 friends of 300 friends. The restaurant-quality of Hummingbird's food will definitely amp of the experience of guests who have come to expect the same high level of cuisine from the truck's two brick and mortar locations. 

Garlic Fries

You'll find this Hummingbid hovering around the Evanston and Northern Chicago hang-outs. Hop on Twitter, see where they're at for the day, and grab yourself some casual lunch or a plan a catered event. Either way, you'll love what Hummingbird has to serve up through its window.