Lethal Action Force

Have I run out of intro angles for this series? It's possible, but Chicago has not run out of amazing shows for you. As always, I'm highlighting May's upcoming, under-the-radar stage shows and here are five that you can't miss this month.  

Lethal Action Force at iO (Saturdays @ Midnight starting May 18)

I know I've written about this group before, but they're just SO good. Outrageous, high energy and hilarious, Lethal Action Force is made up of young improv-ers and they've been such a hit at iO that they keep being asked to return. They make up an entire action movie on the spot, and yes, there are dramatic explosions.

Queer Comedy at Zanies (May 28 @ 8:30)

Adam Guerino's hit series is back this month with an outstanding cast. It includes Ever Mainard, Rebecca O'Neal, and Guerino himself. Get ready for a laugh OUT loud night of fun.

The TomKat Project at The Playground Theatre (Wednesdays @ 8)

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes produced so many memorable moments (remember the couch-jump heard round the world?). Seven of Chicago's finest comedians have decided to recreate this relationship with scenes both real and imagined. The show sold out its previews, the talent is impeccable, and the Scientology jokes hilarious and timely. This is definitely not one to miss.

Breast in Show at pH comedy theatre (Sundays 7:30)

GayCo's all-female sketch comedy troupe is raucously funny and filled with some of the finest comediennes in the city. This show, set to expel the myth that comedy is a man's game, is back by popular demand and pulls no punches in its approach to great sketch.

BYOT at iO (Midnight, Saturdays)

If you really want to local taste of the comedy scene, come to see improv-ers, soloists, and sketch performers perfecting their craft, letting loose, and experimenting with new partners. We, in the biz, call this an improv jam, and it's essentially a place for great comedians to spread their wings. You can also participate in the fun, by being paired up with veteran artists and getting on stage yourself!

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