The Shedd Aquarium's Beluga Whale

There are hundreds of thousands of known species living under water. And studies say that we only know a small percentage of those in existence. There certainly is a lot to explore under Earth's soaked surface, and Chicago has one of the best means of discovery in the United States.

The Shedd Aquarium is hailed as one of the finest in the country, with an extensive collection of exhibits featuring watery wonders from all over the world. Located rather poetically on Lake Michigan, the Shedd Aquarium has been keeping locals and visitors enthralled for years, and I'll tell you what you must see when you're in this water world.

The Aquatic Show

The Shedd's world class aquatic show features the talents of its sea mammals and their trainers in a fascinating and exciting light. The facility's amphitheater (which got a makeover in 2009), seats 1,000 people, and the aquarium offers at least three shows every day.


The Amazon Rising Exhibit

The Amazon is home to one third of all living creatures. That makes this exhibit not only fascinating and beautiful, but a must-see for anyone looking to expand their world knowledge. Featuring piranhas, anacondas, and authentic recreations of natural habitats, this exhibit will blow you away.


They may not have vertebrae, but that is certainly no reason to discount the majestic Jellyfish. The exhibit offers a wide range of Jelly species and watching them gracefully move through the water will prove a visual treat for all ages. These ballerinas of the sea have extended their stay at the Shedd, so get there while you can.

Jellies Exhibit

Wild Reef

This exhibits allows you to get up close and personal with sharks, eels, and a variety of other sea creatures as it offers a diver's eye view of a wild reef ecosystem. Also in this exhibit are lovely recreations of a mangrove forest and a fishing village that saved their own wild reef from its demise.

Giant Pacific Octopus

Perhaps I just have a strange obsession with giant octopods, but come on, who doesn't want to see something with eight tentacles that also can be categorized as large? Simultaneously beautiful and freaky, check out this inhabitant of the Waters of the World exhibit. 

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