If you still don't believe that Chicago is the city that has it all, I am about to blow your mind. If you were not aware, Chicago is the third largest city in the country and has dozens of beaches within the city limits. Chicago is an ideal summer getaway; one that seamlessly blends a day on the beach with a night on the town. Here are some of the many beaches you simply MUST visit.

North Avenue Beach (1600 N. Lake Shore Dr.)

North Avenue Beach

This is one of the most popular beaches in Chicago, and it's easy to see why. It features a snack stand, bike rental, running trail, and outdoor bar, along with incredible views of the skyline and Lake Michigan. In the majestic shadow of the Hancock Tower, North Avenue beach also butts up against Lake Shore Drive and Lincoln Park.

63th and 57th Street Beaches in Jackson Park (6300 S. Lake Shore Dr.)

These beaches are quiet, scenic and full of amenities. There is a concession and beach house on 57th Street Beach and a fun Dune Habitat on 63rd Street Beach. Both sandy paradises are part of the expansive and beautiful Jackson Park. When spending a day at these waterfront locations, you'll also be close to a golf course, soccer fields, bird watching, and lovely gardens and lagoons.

31st Street Beach (3100 S. Lake Shore Dr.)

This beach not only offers full beach house amenities, but a stunning view of Chicago's iconic skyline. With a green roof picnic area and a public fishing dock, this beach is ideal for a day of family fun.

South Shore Cultural Center (7059 S. South Dr.)

South Shore Cultural Center

This historic landmark and beach facility is another spot for all day family fun. Aside from a scenic and beautiful maintained beach, the Cultural Center offers a golf course, bird watching and distance swimming. Beautiful community gardens, a dune habitat, and picnic spaces complete this outdoor wonderland.

Hartigan Beach (1050 W. Pratt Ave.)

This beach is small, peaceful, and generally less crowded than some of the other options. It features a lovely view of the city and a quaint, quiet feel, while being family friendly and easily accessible. Take a stroll out on the Pier to feel at one with Lake Michigan. 

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