Animal Shelter This past month, winter in Chicago has been pretty brutal. When we rush home to warm up, it's easy to forget that there are a lot of pets in Chicago that don't have a nice warm home to go to. January is the perfect month to take a visit to one of Chicago's various pet shelters and rescue a pet from the cold Chicago winter, so take a visit to the ones closest to you! Even if adopting a pet may not be ideal for you and your lifestyle now, most pet shelters are always looking for enthusiastic volunteers or donations.

PAWS Chicago (1997 N. Clybourn Ave)

PAWS opened in Chicago to create a no-kill animal shelter for the Midwest, and they succeeded beyond everyone's imagination. They decided the best way to help the exuberantly high amount of stray pet killings in Chicago was to not only build an adoption shelter to find homes for pets and a medical wing to help spay dogs and cats, but to also inform the public through the hi-profile events. They wanted to inform the public on how many pets were being put down in other shelters and why PAWS could help save many of those animals lives, and did they! Shortly after PAWS was founded in 1998, the number of pet killings vastly decreased. Help them keep up the good work and visit PAWS on Clybourn today!

Animal Welfare League (Multiple Locations)

With two locations on 10305 Southwest Highway in Chicago Ridge, and 6224 S Wabash, Animal Welfare League is one of the oldest animal shelters and care centers in Chicago. Being located in a low income neighborhood, Animal Welfare League not only offers pet adoptions, but pet care for pet owners at a very affordable price. The Animal Welfare League even offers no charge monthly pet food distributions along with many other low cost benefits for your pets. So visit Animal Welfare League to pick up a new pet or food for the special pet in your family.

Chicago Canine Rescue (5272 N Elston)

Looking to pick up a pup? Chicago Canine Rescue has you covered. A new shelter on the scene, CCR was formed in 2011 and is located at 5272 N. Elston. CCR was created in order to help the most vulnerable of dogs. So take a look at their adoption page and see if a cute hound catches your eye. Even if you're not looking to adopt, you can help Chicago Canine Rescue out by sending monetary donations or supplies like non-latex gloves, paper towels, pet toys and much more to their shelter. Help them in their mission to save the lives of thousands of dogs.

The Anti-Cruelty Society (157 W Grand Ave)

Peak into the windows at 157 W. Grand Avenue and window shop all the cute dogs and cats that could use a new home! The Anti-Cruelty Society offers various programs and classes to help you train your new pal. If you don't feel like adopting, it's easy to foster a pet from the Anti-Cruelty society until they can find a new home!

Red Door Animal Shelter (2410 W Lunt Ave)

Since the middle ages, a red door has been a symbol for a safe haven. Today, Red Door Animal Shelter continues to be a safe haven for countless pets. Red Door offers as close to a cage-free experience for dogs and cats as any shelter can provide. They have plenty of healthy dogs and cats to adopt, but Red Door even takes in those that are too old or have bad medical issues. If they are not adopted by the public, Red Door lets them live comfortably at their shelter. Red Door is also one of no-kill animal shelters that take in rabbits! So if you are looking for a place to adopt a new bunny, look no further than Red Door!

Found Chicago (4108 N Rockwell)

Found Chicago's story is a bit unusual to say the least. The owners of a dog hotel named Stay, A Modern Dog Hotel, began taking in some stray animals and giving them a place to live. After they ran out of room, they decided to open Found. Found quickly grew as one of the biggest shelters in Chicago. They have over forty kennels and three play/rehab rooms. So take over to 4108 N. Rockwell and find yourself a pet!

Tree House Humane Society (1212 W Carmen Ave)

Located in the Bucktown area, Tree House Human Society is a new state-of-the-art shelter and medical center for cats. Built in 2007, the new building houses a high-volume and low-cost spay/neuter clinic, as well as the largest no-kill shelter for injured, sick, and abandoned cats. Founded in 1971, the Tree House Humane society knows everything about cats, especially how to find them homes. Since its founding, Tree House has found homes for over 16,000 cats. So take a trip to Bucktown and pick up your own kitten!

Harmony House for Cats (2914 N Elston)

On 2914 N. Elston, the Harmony House for Cats is another cage-free shelter that may be sheltering your new best friend. This cat shelter hosts plenty of fun events like Valentine open house on February 1st for free! Check out their event page, and of course don't forget to visit their adoption page again and see if any cute cats catch your eyes.