Destiny of Desire

Telenovela fans and followers of all things over the top and sudsy, give thanks. The Goodman Theatre's high-flying play Destiny of Desire, delivers enough drama, music and plain fun that you might be tempted to ditch the TV for theater. This flawless musical supplies all the best elements of telenovelas, layered with stellar theater production.



Destiny of Desire (through April 16 at Goodman Theatre)


"We're here to change the social order, deal with it!" announces the cast of Destiny of Desire as the twisty tale opens in a Mexican desert town. Indeed, despite the fairytale story of a rich girl and a poor one switched at birth, playwright Karen Zacarias manages to slip real-life facts between scenes. An example: "Mexico is the largest Spanish-speaking country in the world; the U.S. is the second." 

Another is "Telenovelas are the number one form of entertainment in the world," and this production joyfully demonstrates why. There are too many plot turns and character secrets to even address here but the talented cast, brimming with impressive singing, dancing and acting skills, makes sure that you follow every line. It doesn't matter if you enjoy soap operas or musicals or dramas, Destiny of Desire charms all preferences. Don't miss this sparkling tribute to Latin American culture.

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