The Field Museum of Natural History is mysterious enough, what with the eerie but beautiful dinosaur skeleton centerpiece in the Main Hall, and the vast, fascinating collection of taxidermy. But what happens when you add a murder mystery element to your visit? The Field of Screams Scavenger Hunt is indubitably one of the coolest ways to explore a museum. Ever. 
As someone who has been working at a museum for a year and a half, I can say with conviction that I still hardly know anything about the building and collection. Museum resources are so vast and most of it goes unseen by the public. It can take years to really learn the ins and outs of an institution of this caliber.
On Saturday, November 17, you can get a whiff of what's behind the scenes at the Field in the form of a murder mystery hunt. Find out who (or what) has been killing museum staff members. 
Saber Tooth Tiger 
Uncover clues and crack an ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic code to solve the mystery -- all while getting a unique tour of the exhibitions.
Tickets cost $33 and include museum admission. The Field of Screams is a monthly event, with other scavenger hunts offered through Watson Adventures. Fore more information, click here.
Happy sleuthing, and maybe I'll see you there.