Chicago Flamenco Festival
Chicago weather is finally warming up and the firery rhythms of the last weekend of the Chicago Flamenco Festival is an exciting way to indulge in the heat. Explore the expansive culture of flameno dancing with a concert, Colores del Alma this Friday and Saturday at the Insituto Cervantes.  
Every year, the Chicago Flameno Festival brings the art form's most influential stars to the city and this year the festival hosts Spanish artists Adriana Maresma, Manuel de la Curra, and Juan Gomez for a showcase of traditional flamenco music and dance. The show starts at 7:30 p.m. for the Friday March 11 performance and Saturday, March 12 performance. At the grand closing event, enjoy Spanish hors d'oeuvre and wine, followed by a party with DJ Bumbac Jack.
Reserve your tickets online: $25-35 general admission
Instituto Cervantes of Chicago
31 W. Ohio Street
Chicago, Illinois 60654
Photo of Adriana Maresma courtesy of Instituto Cervantes.