With Father's Day around the corner and in the thick of backyard barbeque season, my insatiable appetite for pan-friend meat is turned up to 11. Oh, and it's Hary Caray's third annual Steak Week. Yes, that's a thing, and I can barely stand the excitement. I'm seriously THIS close to lathering my keyboard in South Carolina Mustard Sauce and taking the thing down like a grilled Top Sirloin. Instead, I'll use these delicious looking keys to pen you a roundup of Chicago's top steakhouses. You're welcome. And to my keyboard, you're lucky. This time.

Harry Caray's Italian Steakhouse (33 W. Kinzie St.)

Harry Caray's Italian Steakhouse

Learn the difference between Dry Aged, Wet Aged, Grain-Fed and Grass-Fed during Harry Caray's third annual celebration of "Steak Week." Through June 16, the restaurant will host tastings and educational events for meat lovers *cough* Father's Day present *cough*. To sweeten the deal, a special side-by-side steak comparison and wine pairing will be offered every evening through Sunday.

The Capital Grille (633 N. St. Clair St.)

Don't be frugal with filets. You get what you pay for in the meat game, which is why The Capital Grille is one of Chicago's most popular spots for broiled beef. The steaks here are unapologetically dry aged. If you have a problem with that, you've never dined at The Capital Grille. This place changes the way you think about meat, one hand-cut New York strip steak at a time.

Keefer's (20 W. Kinzie St.)

Keefer's Steakhouse

If you think about checkerboard table cloths and baked potato sides when you picture a steakhouse, go to Keefer's. The interior is architecturally stunning; with curvilinear windows and more high quality leather furniture than John Elway's man cave. Come for the experience, stay for the bone-in ribeye.

Morton's The Steakhouse (65 E. Wacker Pl. & 1050 N. State St.)

The kiss-the-ring godfather of Chicago steakhouses, complete with three area locations. The sides are almost as good as the filet minion, so scarf as much creamed spinach, bacon wrapped scallops and truffle matchstick fries as your belly will allow. Getting rolled out of a restaurant in a wheel barrow is rock bottom for most, but it's a badge of honor when you're dining at Morton's.

Michael Jordan's Steakhouse (505 N. Michigan Ave.)

Michael Jordan Steakhouse

Michael Jordan's pregame meal throughout his NBA career was a 23 ounce steak, baked potato and ginger ale. We don't recommend that YOU eat a pound and a half of meat and chug a soda before Game 5 of the NBA Finals, but it's a perfectly reasonable dinner date go-to. Save room for the 23 layer chocolate cake (Get it? 23. Like his jersey number.), and the mashed potato trio is the greatest of MJ's three-peats.

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