Punch House

You've read our list of hot drinks perfect for Chicago cold weather. This is the over 21 version - an array of delight spirits served as magical elixirs to keep you warm during the harshest of winter outings. Cheers.

We admit, Chicago is a beer-centric cosmopolitan. From lagers to IPAs, nothing's too flashy or too cheap for us to try everything at least once. We love our beer (and yours) and we love it - All. The. Time. In those coldest of winter nights, though, sometimes all you need is a warm me up that's actually warm. If you're searching for such liquid delights, check out the list below. If you've found something that made your day warmer, let us know.



CH Distillery & Cocktail Bar
564 W. Randolph Street

CH Distillery Hot Toddy

You'll find this hot delight on their cocktails list along with other nods to the past like a gimlet, Mai Tai and a Moscow Mule. Classic, indeed. The hot toddy is made with their house created chestnut infused CH bourbon, honey and lemon. It will make you feel so warm you won't want to leave.


Timothy O'Toole's
622 N. Fairbanks Court

Timothy O'Toole's

This sweet and spicy herbal infusion is always served with whiskey. At O'Toole's it's made with Jack Daniel's honey whiskey, hot tea and plenty of lemon. It's light, tart and gently sweet and will make your day even brighter. If you were feeling the sniffles before you tried this, you'll be breathing free after a few sips.



The Whistler
2421 N. Milwaukee Avenue

The Whistler

Made from Seedling Farm apples, this takes hours to prepare so anyone craving this should arrive early because once it's gone, it's gone. Score a warm mug of the delicious cider, mulled with orange peels, star anise, cinnamon and clove and spiked with Jamaican black rum. What a treat.


Lloyd's Chicago
1 South Wacker Drive

This Loop staple uses both apple juice and apple cider to create its Spiked Apple Pie Punch. Made with the spirit of your choice to jazz it up, you can also add sliced apples and cinnamon sticks. The best part is you can drink this one hot or cold. May we suggest keeping it hot and adding a slice of their Granny Smith pie a la mode to that order? You're welcome.



Park Hyatt Chocolate Bar
800 N. Michigan Avenue

Park Hyatt

The hot chocolate here is dark and creamy, sweet and foamy, topped with an enormous handmade marshmallow, the most delicious you've ever tasted. Warm, comforting dreams appear of Fred singing to Ginger, "Heaven. I'm in heaven..." as you get lost in clouds of chocolate fluffyness. The extra shot of liquor is totally worth the dreamy trip.


Allium Chicago
120 E. Delaware Place

Near the MCA and need a little warm-me-up to keep you going? Head over to the gorgeous Four Seasons Hotel, home to one of the best restaurant bars in the city, Allium Chicago. Today, hit up the bar for their Haute Chocolate. This gem includes a spiked marshmallow, Grand Marnier and house tea cookies. It's a beautiful thing.



Punch House
1227 W. 18th Street

Punch House

The Hot Charles Dickens punch is a liquid literary masterpiece. The sweetened rare tea and lemon brew includes Jamaican rum and French brandy. It makes your initial goosebumps melt into giggles. If you're not up for the sweet, there's always the Space Juice. It's exactly what you think but better. In Pilsen.


Simon's Tavern
5210 N. Clark Street

Simon's Tavern

Ever had Glogg? Try it here. Hot spiced wine, made sweet with sugar, is prepared with all the Christmas-inspired spices you can think of, and made even more intense with brandy or vodka. Each creator's version will differ but the one at Simon's is a must have. Served with a ginger cookie or blanched almonds, this is a tradition you'll love being a part of.

Written by Sandra Trevino

Photos Courtesy of: Kaitlyn McQuaid (Punch House at top); Pete Maloy (Simon's Tavern); CH Distillery; Timothy O'Toole's; The Whistler; Park Hyatt Chicago