Bang Bang Pie & Biscuits

This isn't about pizza pies but instead about baked sweet, creamy, tangy and savory pies available across the city. Whether you're looking to try a new flavor or have never had a savory slice, this list will guide you in the right direction.

Dale Cooper of Twin Peaks would be happy to visit Chicago and maybe even mention that this is the city where pies go when they die, especially after this delicious list of pie houses we've put together. From classic cherry, creamy chocolate or sumptuous savory, there's a pie to try for everyone. We've also made sure some of the locations include other food fare for those that, dare we say it, don't like pie.


First Slice Pie Cafe (4401 N. Ravenswood)

First Slice

This hip urban pie cafe includes cream pies, fruit pies and cheesecake, oh my! The chocolate peanut butter is the most popular flavor but the list includes, among others, key lime, Michigan sour cherry, French silk and traditional pecan. The Ravenswood location also offers organic eats which includes fresh '70s style salads, sandwiches and soups so you won't feel as guilty when indulging in a luscious slice.


Pleasant House Bakery (964 W. 31st St.)

Pleasant House Bakery

Take a trip south to Bridgeport and try the savory goodness of Pleasant House Bakery pies. The buttery and flaky handmade shells hold together some of the most delicious meat and veggie stews we've ever had. The five selections include tender steak, chicken in curry spices, mushroom and kale, country pork and steak and potato. Sides include seasonal greens, peas or potatoes. Oh and if you need a beer to chase that down, Maria's is right next door.


¡Bang Bang! Pie & Biscuits (2051 N. California Avenue)

Matt Kirouac

This restaurant offers pies with a Midwest appeal. Classics include lemon cream, malted milk chocolate and maple bourbon pecan. Seasonal options are always locally-sourced and have included blood orange meringue, raspberry jam and chocolate ganache with malted marshmallows. The savory selections include lamb shepherd and chicken pot pie and let's not forget about the biscuits! There are over a half dozen varieties.


Baker Miller Stone-Mill Bakery & Restaurant (4610 N. Western Ave.)

This Lincoln Square location only has a few pie selections but they also have fresh milled flour for you to make your own pies at home. Neat! Their seasonal pie menu features citrus meringue, chocolate peanut butter, shaker lemon and apple and are all vegetarian. Other treats include sorghum, pecan and banana muffins, cinnamon rolls, as well as sourdough and seeded sunflower rye loaves daily. Their website offers cooking directions, too.


Hoosier Mama Pie Company (1618 ½ Chicago Avenue)

Matt Kirouac

A city favorite, this bakery offers a rotating selection of sweet and savory pies including coconut custard, banana cream, apple cherry with oat crumble, curry winter vegetable, French onion soup and mushroom gruyere quiche, among others. Can't decide which one to try? No worries! Friday nights offer plated flights of three small pie slices. You can't beat that!

Written by Sandra Trevino

Photos: Bang Bang Pie & Biscuits, First Slice Pie, Pleasant House Bakery, Hoosier Mama Pie Company