The Magic Parlour

As an adult, it's easy to get caught up in life and not sense the pure joy and wonderment you often felt as a child. Being truly amazed by something today isn't as attainable. However, magician Dennis Watkins instantly makes your experience, well, magical, in the intimate settings of The Magic Parlour.

This isn't your Now You See Me type of magic show. It's all close-up magic and mentalism. Dennis Watkins' grandfather was a sleight of hand performer, so he learned from him. He taught Dennis that the best magic is performed in a room of 40 people, not 400. This will be your experience when you see The Magic Parlour at the historic Palmer House Hotel.

His magic tricks will fool you over and over again, making you cheer for more. You'll "ooh!" and "ahh!" You'll loudly whisper "HOW DID HE DO THAT?!" and "WHAAAAAAT?!" Your jaw will drop to the ground multiple times. Can you sense I'm being general so I don't give anything away?

I must say that the intimate surroundings of The Palmer House room made it that much more impressive. I also truly enjoyed his sense of humor throughout the show and how he incorporated the audience in many of his acts. If you're lucky, you may be a part of it!

The Magic Parlour

The Magic Parlour is also offering a special add-on experience: the "Magic Menu" at Lockwood Restaurant & Bar. Since both the restaurant and show are located in The Palmer House, this makes for an easy dinner and a show combo! The three course menu is delicious, and the timing coordinates well so you can do both. Fun fact: Executive Chef Mathew Wiltzius and Magician Dennis Watkins created it together! You can easily add on this dinner option when you reserve your tickets ($79 for The Magic Parlour, $39 for the Magic Menu). 

The Magic Parlour

The Magic Parlour has an open run but will take a break this summer when Dennis Watkins stars in The House Theatre of Chicago's Death and Harry Houdini (May 12 - July 24, 2016). Do something different and go see The Magic Parlour. It's great for adults and teens and trust me, it's not one of those cheesy magic shows. You'll be truly entertained! 

Still on the fence? Watch the video.


Photo credit: Ryan Bourque; Francesca Giliberto