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If you've never experienced a lowcountry seafood boil, head to Wrigleyville for a night of saucy, seafood fun. It's the spot for the latest greatest seafood-focused hot spot, Lowcountry Chicago, where you'll find an authentic take on the classic coastal boil. Owners Pan Hompluem and Dana Ferm bring boil-in-a-bag crawfish, crabs, shrimp, and much more... right to your table and boiled in-bag. Don your bib and dive in!



A Rookie's Guide to Digging In at Lowcountry

lowcountry restaurant

STEP 1: The first rule of the boiling game: wear a bib. At lowcountry, you'll be seated picnic-table style, so you'll want to get as comfy and as splash-ready as possible so you can dig, hands-first and with abandon, into the saucy seafood specialties.


STEP 2: Order some drinks to whet your appetite: the southern-style cocktails here are curated by Beverage Director Raymond Chester: think spiked limeade, refreshing raspberry hibiscus tea and full-bodied bourbon and rum drinks.


STEP 3: Choose your seafood du jour, taking your pick from shrimp (head on), shrimp (head off), snow crab legs, Dungeness crab (seasonal), clams, mussels, lobster and crawfish. The goods will be brought to your table boiled in bags. An accompanying menu of signature, housemade sauces range in intensity and heat levels and include Cajun spice, lemon pepper, garlic and the elusive "Everythang."

lowcountry food

STEP 4: Save room for sides: boiled corn on the cob, savory garlic beignets, sweet and spicy honey butter jalapeño cornbread, and more.


STEP 5: In the unlikely event that you still have room for dessert. Lowcountry goes over the top by offering two deep-fried delights: beignets, a.k.a. powdered pillows of love, and everybody's favorite fair-going treat, deep-fried Oreos.

lowcountry beignets
lowcountry fried oreos

Lowcountry makes for the perfect opportunity to get together with friends in a comfy backyard-style setting centered on bags filled with seafood delights. Pay a visit on New Year's Eve from noon to 5 p.m. and you'll enjoy a $55 all-you-can-eat brunch buffet, which includes snow crabs and a shrimp boil. Add a mimosa package for $15.


3343 N. Clark Street
(773) 996-9997


Chicago's Wrigleyville neighborhood is easy to get to via public transportation. Take the 'L' train to the Belmont Red/Purple/Brown Line stop or the Addison Red Line stop. Planning on making lowcountry part of a day trip? Get a budget-friendly Wrigleyville itinerary for some other ideas. Even in the off-season, historic Wrigley Field is a cool place to check out—snap a pic in front of the marquee proudly pronouncing the Chicago Cubs as 2016 World Series Champs!