free chicago walking tours

Looking for a FREE Chicago walking tour? Jeff Mikos and his wife are offering just that. While taking a year off to travel the world in 2015, the duo stumbled upon free walking tours in almost all the major cities of South America, from Cusco to Cartagena. "After the first few I began to think that there was an opportunity to bring this style of tour to the USA," shared Mikos.

"Having grown up in, and still living in Chicago (Lincoln Park), launching the business in Chicago made perfect sense." Upon returning to his hometown of Chicago, Mikos began building Free Chicago Walking Tours, making the city accessible to anyone ?— regardless of their budget. "Chicago can be quite expensive," explained Mikos. "Our tours will give guests the opportunity to experience the city like they have never before while saving a few bucks too!"

Free Chicago Walking tours promise their guests that they'll meet people, learning something new, and above all, have fun, on their two hour walking tours. "Meeting people is an important piece of the experience," continued Mikos. "We begin our tours with a round of introductions and encourage everyone to share a fun fact. This helps break the ice and get everyone comfortable with each other. When we were traveling in places we had never been to before it was so nice to meet others in the same situation. It's amazing how often a friendship can develop over a tour."

Tours vary daily and focus on everything from Chicago River History to the Loop to Lincoln Park. Best of all, the friendly guides incorporate their own personalities and life experiences into their tours, making it a down-to-earth Chicago experience.

"We have guides from all different backgrounds including acting, teaching, students and comedians. It's so much fun to see them lead their groups and share their own personal insights and observations — in a way writing their own version of Chicago history," explained Mikos.

"FREE" means that you decide the value of your tour and what it's worth to you. If you enjoyed your tour, then tip your guide accordingly. On a budget? Pay what you can. These tours strive to provide an experience at a price that fits into your travel budget.

"It's my company's goal, to make sure that everyone visiting the city - whether it's your first time from a different country or you're here twice a year from Milwaukee - has the best experience possible."   

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