Lou Malnati's

Cheesy, oozy goodness. Four food groups in every bite. Utterly blissful. What's that we're talking about, my friends? Why, that's Chicago Deep Dish Style Pizza, an essential component of human happiness.

But of course, lapses in judgment dooccur in our human nature, and just last week Chicago bore witness to one such misunderstanding when John Stewart mistook deep dish pizza as inferior to New York style za. Stewart, poor soul, was unconvinced of the virtues of the glory of deep dish when he made such accusations of our beloved pizza as tomato soup in a bread bowl, cornbread biscuit with cheese and uncooked marinara sauce, even going so far as to call this sacred creation - gulp - a casserole! 

John Stewart needed a pizza-vention - and quick.

Enter Marc Malnati, carrying the torch of all that is good and holy in the name of pizza: a beautifully warm, crispy crusted deep dish Lou Malnati's pizza. In an effort to settle this New York-Chicago Pizza Civil War, Stewart invited Marc Malnati of Lou Malnati's Pizzeria onto Comedy Central's The Daily Show to shake hands and simply enjoy the goodness of a slice of Malnati's. 

After admitting to its tastiness and calling a truce, Stewart has righted the wrong in his way, having never before appreciated the beauty and health benefits of a true Chicago deep dish style slice of pizza. Here's to you, John, and to you, Marc Malnati, for showing what true happiness is all about!