My Chicago Valentine 

As the single day chosen to celebrate romance is upon us, you might be thinking, "Great, it's six degrees, it won't stop snowing, and I need something fun to do this weekend. What to do?" I hear you, trust me, I hear you. Now let me swoop in, strike down your February woes with my cupid's arrow and recommend some great date comedies for you to fall in love with.

My Chicago Valentine

The Public House Theatre
Friday and Saturday at 8pm

“My Chicago Valentine” is the theatrical comparison to a live rom-com. That’s right folks, if you want to see a cute, funny comedy that will leave your face hurting from laughter, this is the show for you.

The show opens with a young lady looking for reasons to love living in Chicago and is met by her Chicagoan mentor who takes her on a journey along the tails and trails of love throughout Chicago. As we travel through this love affair, we witness improvised wedding vows, a White Sox versus Cubs fueled “Bromeo” and Juliet forbidden love, a futuristic sexual purge, original love songs, the NBA Kiss Cam, an alpha-female race and so much more. Bottom line, this is a great date show and you should get your tickets before they sell out!

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The Second City's Incomplete Guide to Everything

The Second City's Incomplete Guide to EverythingUP Comedy Club
Friday and Saturday at 8pm and 11pm

"Incomplete Guide" is the newest archival satirical sketch comedy from The Second City. With previews last weekend and rave reviews, this show is gearing up to be a classic. It's a hilarious collection of scenes and songs that skewers everything that you learned in college - or that you should have learned in college on the days you slept in.


the apollo theatre comedyThe Apollo Theatre 
Friday and Saturday at 10:30pm

This is one of my favorite improv shows in the city. It's a drinking improv show that doesn't require a lot of thinking, only a good attitude and a drink in hand. I've never seen a Thirsty show I didn't love, so if you're looking for something fun that you'll be able to reminisce about for years to come, snag a ticket to Thirsty and do it fast - they have sold out the past two weeks. Both nights are great, but if I had to pick one, I'd pick Friday night. This show is an absolute blast and guaranteed to be a good time.