Muddy Waters Tribute by Eduardo Kobra

Chicago architecture has always garnered lots of notice. Now it's not only the buildings but what's on them that's attracting attention. All over the downtown Loop, colorful murals created by international artists in collaboration with Wabash Arts Corridor are transforming the neighborhood into an outdoor gallery.

Every time you look up at an amazing building, you just might see an amazing piece of Chicago street art as well. Join us on our short hunt then set out on your own to discover the over 20 larger-than-life works of art rendered on buildings around the Loop. 

(Above) You can find the Muddy Waters Tribute Wall by Brazilian artist Eduardo Kobra, created as part of the Wabash Arts Corridor (WAC) Big Walls initiative, at the corner of State and Washington Streets.


To find the place you'll next turn your gaze, look for the building that's seen better days.

Aerosol Art Mural by Nino Rodriguez

You can view this Aerosol Art Mural by Nino Rodriguez with its blend of iconic Chicago symbols and swirls of color at Wabash and Balbo Ave. 


Where to start for this next piece of art? Walk south apace to this "living urban space." 

POSE The Provocateurs

This art work by POSE from The Provocateurs series of murals showcases the work of one of four artists in a surrounding area. Find it at 72 E. 11th St.


Follow your next set of clues to find the boy with the jet-pack shoes.

Hebru Brantley's Chi Boy

At 4 stories tall, Hebru Brantley's "Chi Boy" at 1132 S. Wabash Ave is hard to miss. The mural has gained popularity as a symbol for the Loop's changing facade.


Have you already spotted some of these pieces . . . and more?

To get started on your own scavenger hunt, check out this Wabash Arts Corridor map and guide to locate the murals' exact building locations and learn more about the artists.