SPE spa at the wit

Is the polar vortex wrecking havoc on your skin? If you're feeling the effects of the bitterly cold temperatures and suffering from wrinkle inducing dry skin, check into a Chicago spa for a deluxe winter treatment. Here are three treatments that promise to take your skin from dry and dull to hydrated and radiant.


The Wind Chill Factor Facial and SPE Certified Detox
When the cold and wind take a toll on your skin, it's time to exfoliate and lock in moisture. The Spa@theWit's Wind Chill Factor Facial will reverse the signs of polar-induced skin issues. Relax as an esthetician gently cleanses, exfoliates, and then locks in moisture. This customized facial combines red currant, elderflower and magnolia bark - all-natural ingredients that minimize inflammation and repair leftover summer sun damage. Looking for a full body treatment? Experience the new SPE Certifed inspired spa treatment that includes a dry exfoliation to stimulate circulation, black tea and intense blueberry antioxidants combining to ease fluid retention and strengthen tissue. The treatment is finished with a Swedish massage for the ultimate mind to body balance. Known as theDetox (pictured above), this 75 minute treatment is inspired by theWit's own State and Lake Tavern's certification of an SPE menu, a unique certification program defining a new way to eay by enhancing the nutritional quality of meals and takes into account sustainability and use of seasonal locally sourced produce. This new menu is extentuated with theDetox treatment to get your year off to a hydrated and healthy start.

Dana Hotel Spa

Intense Hydration Facial
The Dana Hotel Spa's signature Intense Hydration Facial is a delightful and relaxing treatment that actually teaches your skin to auto-regulate its water balance and maintain its moisture reservoir. I recently experienced this spa treatment and I was amazed at the results: my skin, which felt dry and irritated after a long day dealing with life in the Polar Vortex, felt restored, soft, and fully hydrated. The thirst quenching mask and silk textured serums indulged and caressed my skin. Plan on spending some time in the relaxation lounge or steam room after your treatment; even better, book a room at the elegant boutique Dana Hotel and book a couple more treatments for an indulgent weekend. 

Spa at Four Seasons

Sjal Skincare Signature Gemstone and Crystal Facial
Leave it to the Four Seasons to offer a rejeuvanting facial that harnesses the healing power of sapphires, rubies and diamonds. The Sjal Skincare Signature Gemstone and Crystal facial is a one-of-a-kind, holistic facial that incorporates the healing power of precious minerals and gemstones, including rose quartz, platinum, copper and nano-gold as well as sapphires, rubies, diamonds and even . This 50-minute facial features the Eastern healing techniques of shiatsu Ayurveda and reflexology and will visibly restoring skin nutrition that has been damaged by the winter chill, leaving your skin smooth and radiant.