Sam Adams Lakeview Taco Fest

Taco booth upon taco booth will be lining up on Southport Avenue for the second annual Sam Adams Lakeview Taco Fest! This weekend, September 20-21 will be the second showcase for the Taco Fest, and man are we happy.

From noon to 10 p.m., taco fans will have their pick from the classic chicken, beef and steak tacos to the wildly creative tacos. Some of the taco ingredients turning heads this year include lemongrass tofu, grilled cactus, duck and even lobster! Here is the full list of vendors:

Café El Tapatio, 3400 N. Ashland Ave.
Pulled short rib, grilled Portobello, rubbed shrimp

Café Tola, 3612 N. Southport Ave.
Beef, lamb, chicken, pork, veggie

Crosby's Kitchen, 3455 N. Southport Ave.
Pulled pork, rotisserie chicken

Deleece Restaurant, 3747 N. Southport Ave.
Ahi tuna, steak

D.S. Tequila Company, 3352 N. Halsted St.
Coffee-rubbed steak, smoked chicken, tequila shrimp

Flaco's Tacos, 3530 N. Clark St. and other locations
Ancho-spiced chicken, grilled rib-eye steak

Garifuna Flava, 2518 W. 63rd St.
Jerk chicken

Mystic Celt, 3443 N. Southport Ave.
Al pastor, grilled cactus, fried catfish, steak

New England Seafood Company, 3341 N. Lincoln Ave.
Fish and lobster tacos

Newport Bar & Grill, 1344 W. Newport Ave.
Cajun steak, pulled pork, Soycacha chicken

The Pony, 1636 W. Belmont Ave.
Duck, smoked pork, smoked beef

Si Fu Chinese Latin Kitchen, 2116 W. Roscoe St.
Carnitas and lemongrass tofu

Taco Joint, 1969 N. Halsted St. and other locations
Chicken, pork, beef

Tacos Nietos, 2863 E. 95th St.
Braised beef, pastor, lengua, asada

Toons Bar & Grill, 1964 N. Sheffield Ave.
Pulled pork with Korean slaw; smoked chicken with Alabama white BBQ sauce

After you taste all these delectable tacos, be sure to cast your vote for Chicago's "Best Taco" by texting your vote! Specialty beers and spirits will be available at the fest to help you wash down all those tacos.

As for entertainment, some great bands like 10,000 Maniacs (Friday) and 16 Candles (Saturday) will be headlining the event. Not only will there be some great live music, but be prepared to watch some crowd pleasing Lucha Libre Mexican Wrestlers!

So be sure to come out to Lakeview this weekend and celebrate one of the greatest food inventions, the taco.