Each week, we feature one Instagram photographer who will get to feature their photos and videos on Choose Chicago's Instagram account all week long, part of our new #TakingOverChooseChicago series. This week, we chose Brandon Sharpe. Enjoy!


I’m @brandonexplores and I’m #takingOverChooseChicago's Instagram this week. I am in love with #Chicago’s architecture. The way it glistens at dusk. How it always manages to catch my attention no matter what time of day it is. Like most Chicagoans, I feel I have a personal relationship with this city, and at times it speaks to me in ways that I can’t even begin to describe. Unique only to me and my experiences here, I like to think that my emotions, my struggles and my accomplishments show through my photographs of Chicago in all of its many seasons. On this particular evening it was cold, and I was moving past some things in my life. The city was right there keeping me on my toes the whole entire way. Giving me every reason to get out there and do more, every day. #mychicagopix

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I’m @brandonexplores and I’m #takingOverChooseChicago's Instagram this week. Chicago isn’t just known for its amazing skyline, it also has quite the variety of neighborhoods spread through out its vast area, better know as “Chicagoland” . Each neighborhood in the city holds its own personality and culture, and to match that culture its history runs deep giving you an almost throw back kind of effect when you find your self wondering in its streets. Fall here is without a doubt one of the most beautiful times in the city (one of my personal favorites), and it compliments all that rich culture and history of each neighbor nicely. If you find yourself in Chicago in the fall, do yourself a favor and take a long walk one afternoon in some of the neighborhoods that surround this city, you won’t regret it. #mychicagopix #chicago

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I’m @brandonexplores and I’m #takingOverChooseChicago's Instagram this week. Building a new #Chicago. This city is constantly growing, it lives and breathes just like a human organism, and requires its own type of nourishment. In the time that I have had the privilege of living in this city, I have watched its skyline change before my eyes. Luckily through some of my photography work, I have had the privilege of certain types of access that help create and provide a unique vantage on our beautiful city. On this day I had the opportunity to get on top of a crane 60 stories up, to attempt to document some of the extremes workers can go through while building some of our favorite high rise buildings downtown. As we walked out onto the arm of the crane I was told to take a look down if I dare. I pointed my camera down and managed to squeeze my camera through a couple of the steel bars and snapped this shot. It was a totally surreal experience to feel as if I was floating above the city streets below. #mychicagopix

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