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Apparently unaware of smartphone applications (apps), Sir Francis Drake circumnavigated the globe using only a compass, a map and the stars. It took him three years. And, because he never upgraded his iPhone 3S, Siri was unable to guide him through a failed attack of Puerto Rico. While exploring Chicago, don't be like Sir Francis Drake. His means of discovery were horribly inefficient. Lucky for you, Choose Chicago has launched a new, totally free smart phone app to streamline your exploration of the city - no astrolabe needed.

The Situation: You're standing at the corner of State and Lake in beautiful downtown Chicago. There are miles of shopping all around you. There are charming restaurants a stone's throw away. You've heard rave reviews of Paris Club and just so happen to be wearing your dancing pants today. Lucky us!

You want to eat, but don't know where. You want to explore, but don't know how. You want to dance but don't... - well, just dance! You don't need an app for that.

The Fix: Choose Chicago's recently launched smartphone app (available for iPhone and Android). Chicago is a bustling city and there are a million things to experience. The Choose Chicago app organizes the best to see and do in Chi-Town, allowing users to filter their options based on interests, proximity and neighborhoods.

The Choose Chicago App uses GPS to pinpoint a user's location and provide an up-to-the-minute rundown of local attractions, restaurants, retail and nightlife. You know, the good stuff. The app also has an updated, detailed events calendar, which gives visitors and locals a chance to catch an unplanned for street festival or little know concert in Millennium Park.

So, put away your folding map, people are starting to stare. That texting machine in your pocket can be used for more than just Angry Birds and scrolling pictures of your now-in-his-40s senior prom date on Facebook. Chicago's still an adventure, it's just easier to explore. To download for free, click here.