Steppenwolf Set - Blog

Yeah, Book of Mormon is here, and the whole city is in the throws of a theatre-gasm. When you come down and have a glass of water, the world may seem like a lonely place again and you may crave more theatrical stimulation. Don't fear, my friends, for Chicago's vibrant theater community has lots more in store this month to tickle you in places you didn't know you had. Here's a list of exciting plays to rekindle your passion for fine theatre.

Pygmalion at Theater Wit

George Bernard Shaw's groundbreaking play gets new life when tackled by the renowned ensembles of Stage Left and Boho Theatre. The groups' artistic directors have teamed up to direct and produce the show, which features actors from both groups. The collaboration between two outstanding companies will surely highlight the classic story's timeless relevance.

Sugarward at The Side Project

Local treasure Sean Graney has a new play out, and us theatre nerds could not be more excited. This time, Graney takes on politics, power struggles, and economic inequality in a fantastic original work. Following the story of a colonial British Governor, Graney and the show's director, Geoff Button, create a work with striking contemporary parallels.

The MotherF***er with the Hat at Steppenwolf Theatre

The iconic Steppenwolf Theatre puts out another thought provoking and entertaining show. Centering on the difficulties of the human experience, The MotherF***er with the Hat features outstanding acting in a totally relatable storyline. This show is definitely a must see!