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December in Chicago has this weird magical power to turn even the coldest temperature, the highest snow bank, the iciest stair into a delightful reminder of the holiday season. The positive spirit is contagious, and it'll pull you off the couch--no matter how inhospitable the weather. Chicago is full of comedy theatres whose holiday shows will warm your heart and whose holiday drinks will warm your belly. Here are three shows you can't miss this December:

The Second City's Nut-Cracking Holiday Revue at UP Comedy Club

In full disclosure, I work for The Second City, so I'm a little biased. But after 53 years of leading the sketch comedy art form, these guys know how to put up a holiday show. Whether you're a local looking to get in the holiday spirit or a visitor here to be with your loved ones, The Second City's annual holiday revue is not to be missed. Every year they collect their best holiday material and weave it into a joyous romp.

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The Santa Stories: Naughty and Nice at The pH Comedy Theater

Santa Nice

After winning $20,000 from Chase Community Giving and two years of tireless work, pH Productions opened their new venue, The pH Comedy Theater. I can't even express how impossible the feat of opening a new comedy venue is, but they pulled it off. Which begs the question: what shows will they put up in the new space? Aside from their usual fast-paced, balls-out improv and sketch shows, pH is mounting a two-sided Christmas original: "The Santa Stories: Naught & Nice."

It's actually two different plays. "The Santa Stories: The Nice One" is a family-friendly tale of how a young boy named Santa became Father Christmas. Plus they serve milk and cookies at every performance. It plays Sundays at 2pm.

"The Santa Stories: The Naughty One" is an R-rated sketch comedy sleigh ride. No religion, tradition, taboo will be spared, so you should probably leave the kids with the sitter for this one. Shows are at 9:30pm on Fridays.

Show info isn't online yet (I got the inside scoop), but check in a few days for showtimes and tickets.


"It's a Bieberful Life" at The ComedySportz Theatre

I can't resist a good pop culture tie-in, and this has got to be the poppiest one this season. "It's a Bieberful Life" follows a young Justin Bieber whose life is falling apart. His sales are down. His scandals cover every tabloid. He's ready to quit. But before he can, he's visited by an angel, with a strong resemblance Robert Pattinson, who tries to show him why the world still needs Justin Bieber. Shows are at Midnight on Fridays.

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