Chicago's Must-See Concerts: June

It's officially summer here in Chicago so it's festivals, festivals, festivals for the next few months. But it's important to remember that as fun as block parties are sometimes it's nice to get away from the summer heat and get into an air conditioned club to catch a band play. If you want some solid options for June, this is what we suggest.

Herb Alpert & Lani Hall at Park West (Sunday, June 2)

Herb Alpert looks great for being nearly 80 years old. He hasn't lost a bit of his talent either. The Grammy-winning trumpet legend and his wife, singer Lani Hall (a Chicago native!), will be performing together at Lincoln Park theater Park West this coming Sunday, June 2. Tickets are still on sale for $45--you'll have to be 18 or older to get in though. 

Richard Cheese & Lounge Against the Machine at House of Blues (Friday, June 21)

If you've never heard of Richard Cheese, you need to. He specializes in taking rock and hip hop songs and turning them into lounge-style swing numbers a la Tony Bennett. It's comical--purposely so. It's also catchy. Ultimately, it's just fun. See Cheese and his band Lounge Against the Machine at the House of Blues on June 21. Tickets start at $30. It's a 17 and older show. 

Portugal. The Man at House of Blues (Thursday, June 20)

Portugal. The Man has come a long way in the last few years. Literally. The band formed in Alaska. But, with the help of a hard work ethic and a lot of talent, the band made a name for their electric folk and roots rock music here in the mainland. Check them out at House of Blues on June 20. Tickets are $30. You've gotta be 17 or older to get into this one. 

The Married Men at the Hideout (Thursday, June 27)

Local H is legendary here in Chicago and loved across the country as well. While many people know about the rock ‘n roll three piece, far fewer know about lead singer/guitarist Scott Lucas' new side project The Married Men. But they're good. With a slower tempo and a slight country twang, Lucas proves that showing off his softer side makes for a great listen. They're playing at the Hideout on June 27 and it's a steal at $8. The Hideout is a 21 and over venue. 

Billy Branch at Kingston Mines (June 28 & 29)

If you don't get enough blues music at the annual Chicago Blues Festival this month, then head up north to Lincoln Park to one of the city's most legendary blues clubs Kingston Mines. The standout local act on the bill this month is a two-night residency from harmonica whiz Billy Branch. Another local gem Joanna Connor and her band will open the night. Tickets for both the June 28 and 29 shows are $15. Kingston Mines is a 21 and over venue.  

Naked Raygun at the Metro (June 28 & 29)

Punk music has always been prominent in the city of Chicago. Few bands have stuck around as long as Naked Raygun though. Sure, they broke up for a bit but they're back now and if you can catch them in concert it's a real treat. You'll have two chances this month when they play the Metro back to back on June 28 and 29. Tickets are $23. Night one is limited to fans 18 and older but night number two is all ages.

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