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I may be biased because I am a comedian in this fair city, but I think Chicago could be America's comedy capital. With the legendary reputation of clubs like The Second City, Zanies, and The Annoyance, Chicago has a history of churning out some of the finest comedians in the world (not limited to yours truly, of course). For all you laugh lovers out there, great comedy comes in bounds in this city, and I'll tell you where to look.

100 Proof Comedy at Comedy Sportz (Ongoing)

Nothing beats a case of the "Mondays" quite like some quality stand-up comedy. Comedy Sportz, a club of local fame, features some of Chicago's best stand-up talent on Monday nights. This laugh-packed show is a great opportunity to have a drink and see some of the newest in standup talent.

God is Gay and Wants You to be Too (December 16-January 6)

There's a lot of Annoyance Theatre love in this post, but they consistently put out some fabulous, intimate, creative shows. This show runs from December 16 to January 6 and addresses the hot and humorous topic of organizations that "Pray the Gay Away." Using audience volunteers and real passages from the Bible, writer Lee Barats creates a show that examines God's real feelings about homosexuality and its place in the world.

Holy F*** Comedy Hour (Through December 28)

This show at the legendary Annoyance Theatre features some of Chicago's most talented comedians doing a whole hour of un-rehearsed madness. Every week, the cast writes an entirely new show, does not rehearse it, and performs it (for free!) on Saturday night. For a night of fun that is beyond expectation, see this show.

Mary Siewart Scruggs Works by Women Festival at Second City

The Second City training center has had a long reputation for launching the careers of the best women in comedy like Tina Fey and Amy Sedaris. This festival, launched last year in honor of Mary Siewart Scruggs, an outstanding Second City teacher and head of the writing program, asks the ladies of the Training Center to submit their best works for a set of four outstanding shows. There are songs, sketches, short plays and much more that are sure to feature the best new talent that Second City has to offer.