Chicago is noted as a theater lover's paradise, and Goodman Theatre supplies a prime example of why with the enthralling 4-star satire Gloria (playing now through February 19). This startling peek into the insular walls of print media, and the ways popular culture and societal norms influence it, will leave a lasting impression long after the show is over.


Although Gloria examines the isolation and frustrated ambitions of the creative class, it easily reflects the reality of anyone who works in corporate culture, stranded in cubicles with little money or career advancement in view.

MacArthur "Genius" grant–winning playwright Branden Jacobs-Jenkins offers up a brilliant discourse on class, social position and race—including who has the right to tell whose stories—wrapped in an attractive yet shocking package. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize.

With an evocative cast that delivers witty insight into generational challenges as well as journalistic integrity, Gloria should not be missed. Chicago Theatre Week tickets are $30. Get yours before they sell out!

Gloria at Goodman Theatre   |  170 N. Dearborn  |  312-443-3800
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