The 13th Annual Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival began last weekend. However, it continues this weekend with dozens of great sketch comedy shows Thursday through Sunday. Just like last week's post, here are my recommendations for shows to see this coming weekend at SketchFest. Get'em while they're hot, folks!



  • Abbaria - The Cab @ 9pm
    Maria Wojciechowski and Abby Vatterott are the musical comedy duo that comprises Abbaria (image above). These two have been bouncing around town with this two person show for a while and between witty banter and musical parodies, I know I, personally, am looking forward to this performance.


  • Big Boss Comedy - The Thrust @ 8pm
    One of the beautiful things about Sketchfest is that comedians come from all over the country to be a part of this wild ride. Big Boss Comedy comes to Chicago from LA and has been performing together for about five years and is comprised of Groundlings Theater members and alums. Here's a bit of a video teaser with a couple of folks.
  • Garlic Jackson - The Pro @ 9pm
    Garlic Jackson is coming to Chicago from the Big Apple. They have been featured on NBC, Bravo, HuffPo, CollegeHumor and more. Here's another video clip to give you an idea of what you can expect from these New Yorkers.


  • Almost a Genius - The Cab @ 6pm
    Maria Wojciechowski's one woman show is one of the best sketch shows I've ever seen. I saw this show when it had a run at The Playground and it made me laugh and cry and traverse the entire gamut of human emotion. It is the most beautiful and brilliantly honest show I've ever witnessed. You can read my full review here, but please see this show. If there is one show I recommend to see out of this entire line-up, it is this one. If you can't make it to SketchFest, Maria will be putting it up at The Playground again on February 6th at 9pm. Find a way to see this show, you won't regret it.
  • Snooty Pageant - The Cab @ 7pm
    They're back at it again. Katie Dufresne (ComedySportz) and Stacey Smith (Second City) bring their ruthless two-woman show to the stage as they explore love, war, poverty and politics all through the eyes of a desperate, drugged up female.
  • Siblings of Doctors - The Thrust @ 7pm & 9pm
    Siblings of Doctors is comprised of the biggest names at Sketchfest this year. The dynamic trio of Danny Pudi (Community), Rasika Mathur and Ranjit Souri are bound to entertain with their true personal stories.
  • Big Boss Comedy (if you couldn't go Friday night) @ 8pm
  • Garlic Jackson (if you couldn't go Friday night) @ 9pm


  • Shanna's Mom - The Thrust @ 5pm
    I reviewed Shanna's Mom's last sketch show and it was amazing. Very fun, completely unexpected and extremely versatile. Shanna's Mom is experienced enough to put up a great show, but young enough that they still have a die-hard passion for comedy. Unlike a couple shows I saw last weekend, I'm confident that not only will they be prepared, they will bring their best work to the stage and I'm looking forward to it.