With a rich music history and countless celebrated venues, local artists and headlining acts flock to Chicago like Canadian geese during spring migration. So much music, so little time. If only someone were brave enough to scour the city, sift through the tunes and give us the best of the best in an easily downloadable zip file. Wait, what? Someone does? Tell me more!

Chicago Mixtape

Here’s how it works: At Chicago Mixtape we scour the music listings of Chicago clubs and suss out the most promising local artists. With a city as diverse as its music scene, weekly acts range from punk rockers to sweet soul musicians. After getting the artists’ approval, we compiles MP3s from each of the highlighted bands and create an easily downloadable file—an instant mixtape!

The mixtape is sent to a mailing list of listeners all over the world, connecting music lovers to the progressive music of Chicago’s best musicians.

There are an estimated 2,160 musical performances in Chicago each week. It would take 6.5 days to listen to just one song from each band! The idea is to find the stuff that stands out. We take all those thousands of acts and distill them down to a handful of bands that deserve attention.

Subscribers to Chicago Mixtape have a deeper understanding and appreciation for the local music scene. Oh, and the service is totally free.

The catch?

The only catch is that listeners are encouraged to support the bands they love by recommending them to others and attending their shows when they can.  There’s even a calendar on Chicago Mixtape that displays when notable Chicago bands are touring around the US and around the world!

(NOTE: These weekly compilations are not stored or archived anywhere, fans must be current subscribers to the email list in order to get access to this music each week.)