Date of The Month ClubWhile The New York Television Festival (NYTVF) is taking place in New York City, October 21-26th, six of the 47 finalists that will be competing in this year’s Independent Pilot Competition (IPC) are hometown heroes from Chicago’s comedy community. With over 3,000 submissions accepted from around the world, the talent that is flooding Chicago just landed 13% of the finalist positions.

The NYTVF is an organization that acts as a bridge, vetting out top pilot contenders and connecting them to networks, studios, digital media companies and brands and fostering relationships that could lead to major network deals.This community couldn’t be more proud, and to celebrate, there will be a NYTVF Screening for all six pilots tomorrow, Tuesday, October 15th at the Music Box Theatre at 9:30pm.

Details, details, details! Here’s the skinny on the six pilots that will be screened tomorrow.


Directed by: Ben Fast

Created by: Blythe Haga and Ben Fast
Starring: Holly Laurent

Date of the Month Club is about a highly capable young woman, Emma, seemingly incapable of finding a mate. Done with the perils of online dating, she starts the Date of the Month Club, a personal pledge to go on one date each month with someone new, set up by her friends and family. But even if her friends think it’s a match made in heaven, it’s usually the date from hell.

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Exquisite Corpse
Directed by: Peyton Brown, Brian Hurwitz, and Tyler Smith
Created by: Claymore (Peyton Brown, Brian Hurwitz, Josh Segovia, and Tyler Smith)
Starring: Peyton Brown, Brian Hurwitz, Josh Segovia, and Tyler Smith

Welcome to this new and twisted world with absurd characters and unexplainable situations, where each scene organically flows into the next. Delving into topics as varied as bar ownership, killer eagles, misogynist weathermen, and perfect lovers, this series aims to bring an absurd, dark, cinematic sketch comedy to an unsuspecting world.

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Family Heirloom
Directed by: Steve Sullivan
Created by: Jo Scott and Jeff Murdoch
Starring: Jo Scott and Jeff Murdoch

A brother and sister work together to save their family's failing antique shop, where local Chicago patrons are as priceless as their merchandise.

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hank frisco 3

Directed by: Joe DeJulius
Created by: Matt Kelley, Joe DeJulius, Scott Lynch and Patrick Fee
Starring: Scott Cupper

An overconfident space captain, his loyal assistant, and their sassy robot travel the universe in search of grey matter with the hope to save a dying planet earth.  This search is often cut short as the crew encounters evil monsters, sexy space babes, and ghosts from their sordid past.  

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Directed by: Leonardo Adrian Garcia
Starring: Chelsea Devantez, Emily Walker, Lindsey Finn, Emily Fitzpatrick, Courtney Hummel

Women aren't funny. No, wait, scratch that.
The banalities of everyday life, the absurdity of existing, and one-note jokes about genitalia all receive the same care and attention, told through the unique lens of the female perspective. The Laces could be described as The Kids in The Hall or Monty Python's Flying Circus, except with far less cross-dressing. 

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The Startup
Directed by: Kevin Walsh
Created by: John Thibodeaux and Kevin Walsh
Starring: John Thibodeaux and Gary Richardson

After two years working under his kid-CEO brother, whose game has skyrocketed to the #1 spot in the App Store, Jason Williams is beginning to wonder: what’s next?

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