Salivating over thoughts of corned beef? Then it's time to swing by the city's delis for mounds of thinly sliced, salt-cured beef brisket piled high. And maybe pick up a knish or two.

Hot Corned Beef | Photo courtesy of Tammy Green

Last time I stepped into Ashkenaz Deli (12 East Cedar Street), I ordered the lunch special for $8.50 that included a half sandwich large enough to feed me for three meals, a tub of split soup and a smidge of macaroni salad. The portions here are outstanding and very filling. They also carry a nice selection of dry goods including items from local vendors, so I can do some grocery shopping while stuffing my face.

Corned Beef | Photo courtesy of Tammy Green

With a two-story open floor plan, Eleven City Diner (1112 South Wabash Avenue) is not only a deli, it's a dining experience. I try to get a seat at the counter/bar so I can watch the baristas make egg creams and vanilla Cokes while waiting for my sandwich to arrive. "The Steve Dahl" comes piled high for $10.79 or piled even higher for $12.79. The side of guilt (also on the menu) is a bargain at $0.00, so fill up.

Perry's Deli | Photo courtesy of Tammy Green

Perry's Deli (174 North Franklin St) has been serving mountainous sandwiches to the downtown lunch crowd for over twenty years. The place is a stripped to the walls, bare-bones cafeteria experience that I appreciate. I also like their no-cell-phone policy -- it's refreshing to eat somewhere without the digital distraction. Get the Corned Beef Sandwich with Russian dressing for $9.25. Plan to take at least half to go.