One, Two, ManyWhile it's definitely getting cold outside, Chicago comedy is keeping it hot indoors, spreading the love across stages all over the city with everything from stand-up to sketch to improv. There are a number of great shows happening right now and here are three I recommend you try to check out as soon as possible.

One, Two, Many

Studio BE

One, Two, Many leaves everything to chance and nothing untapped by the imagination. This two-man sketch show is smart, physical, original and always surprising. Alan Linic and Adam Archer pour their souls into this production with such grace and humility it'll leave you wanting to come back again. Each scene transition is seamless, unexpected and perfectly timed. You never feel that a scene has overextended its welcome, but instead find yourself eager to see how one stride, glance or kiss silently transforms into a completely unexpected new world. From a far-fetched tower-imprisoned princess, to our favorite holiday crooks, to over-prescriptive medical facilitators, each choreographed step is taken with intention and executed with the utmost commitment.

One, Two, Many is one of the most intellectually challenging displays of comedy I've ever seen. Do yourself a favor and go see this show. It's a pure entertainment delight. 

One, Two, Many is playing at Studio BE on Fridays at 8:00pm until November 29th. You can purchase tickets here.

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The 4 Skins of Comedy

Stage 773

The 4 Skins of Comedy"The 4 Skins of Comedy" is in the middle of its run at Stage 773. Directed and produced by Miguel Lepe, Jr., this show is intended to shine a light on the diversity of Chicago's comedy scene. Each week four different comedians present 10 minutes of solo material and close the night off with an improv set. Sunday, November 17th, Gilbert Galon, Miguel Lepe, Julie Marchiano and Martin Morrow will be taking the stage. The following Sunday, Sarah Dell'Amico, Peter Kim, Miguel Lepe and Damian White will be taking the stage. Past performers include: Aasia Bullock, Natalie Carneal, Avery Lee, Patrick Poulin, Patrick Rowland and Christina Seo. 

"The 4 Skins of Comedy" is playing at Stage 773 on Sundays at 10:00pm until Sunday November 24th. 

Kyle Kinane

UP Comedy Club

KyleKinaneKyle Kinane is a Chicago native and is back this weekend at UP Comedy Club. He is known, literally, as the voice of Comedy Central and is highly recognized for his storytelling. His laid back demeanor allows for natural comedic flow and Chicago is happy to have Kyle back, even if for a short period of time. The show will be emceed by Kelsie Huff and also feature Sean Flannery.

Kyle Kinane will be at UP Comedy Club this Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Limited seating available.