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January is a month where I definitely feel like I need some good comedy. We start out the year with a feeling of rebirth, a night of glitz and glamour, but by the end we're confined to our fireplaces to try to escape the biting wind. But hibernate no more, friends, I can say with confidence that leaving your hotel for one of these shows will seem like a great idea, even after a walk in the January freeze.

Second City Improv All-Stars (Up Comedy Club)

Second City, where improv was created. The club that forever changed the nature of the sketch show has expanded and one of its exciting new features is the modern, fun, Up Comedy Club. Running through the first half of the year is the All-Stars show, which features a talented, fresh cast and the director's eye of the legendary Mick Napier.

Six Comedians to See Now (Zanies Comedy Club)

Zanies is known for drawing in the nation's biggest standup talent, but in this show, Zanies shows some major hometown pride. For almost two weeks in January, Zanies will feature Chicago's hottest local standups before they hit it big.

The Nerdologues (iO Theater)

Everyone knows what it's like to not fit in. Luckily for us, these talented comedians used their years of dork torment to create a fun, heartfelt comedy show. At iO's theatre, a group of proud nerds discuss the finer things in life, like the merits of Boba Fett.

Whirled News Tonight (iO Theater)

I only wanted to profile one iO show this month, but I couldn't resist when I saw the Saturday special Whirled News Tonight. Every Saturday, iO's outstanding comedy troupe randomly selects news articles that audience members cut out for them to improvise from. Current events make much more sense when laughing - it's true.

The Kates (The Book Cellar)

I love some fabulous female comedy, and this show produced by up-and-coming talents, Kelsie Huff and Amy Sumpter features some of the finest lady talent Chicago has to offer. It airs every month and features a rotating group of comediennes.