Black Dog Gelato

Even if the weather isn't exactly humid, August is still the "dog days of summer" and an apt time to consume ice cream sandwiches in excessive amounts, a notion especially apropos considering August is National Sandwich Month. Here are some of Chicago's best.

Unite Urban Grill (1450 W. Chicago Ave.)

Matt Kirouac

Sometimes you just want a classic cookie-bedecked ice cream sandwich like your ice cream truck-chasing days of yore. Sweet nostalgia doesn't get any finer than the ice cream sandwiches coming out of Unite Urban Grill. The West Town neighborhood bastion is sandwiching vanilla ice cream between chocolate chip cookies and sprinkling the chilly exterior with more crushed chocolate. Your former childhood self implores you.


Black Dog Gelato (859 N. Damen Ave.)

Matt Kirouac

And sometimes you want something entirely novel and indulgent. In that case, head over to Black Dog Gelato for their doughnut gelato sandwiches. That's correct, ice cream sandwiches made by splitting doughnuts across the middle and filling them with various flavors of Black Dog's novel gelato. Available on Mondays only, the shop features different doughnut flavors from Glazed & Infused, and customers can pick and choose which gelato flavors they'd like to pimp it out with. Be warned: messy.


West Town Bakery & Diner (1916 W. Chicago Ave.)

At the looks of things, it seems like West Town is ice cream sandwich central this season. West Town Bakery & Diner is another place to get your fix, as the restaurant features a cooler case filled with Americana-inspired treats, from freeze pops to cones. This also includes a particularly salacious ice cream sandwich made with cocoa cookies and Nutella ice cream.


Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams (3404 N. Southport Ave.)

Matt Kirouac

When it comes to sandwiched ice cream, it's impossible to out-precious the saccharine sandwiches being peddled at Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams. The Southport Ave. location of the Columbus, Ohio-based sensation features delightful array of lustrous and unique flavor combos, most of which are made with enormous macarons in lieu of typical cookies.

Like the orchid vanilla sandwich made with vanilla bean ice cream and black currant jam betwixt purple almond macarons; the chocolate hazelnut made with dark chocolate ice cream and roasted hazelnuts on hazelnut-flour macarons; and salty caramel 'wiches featuring Jeni's signature Salty Caramel ice cream served on almond macarons with chopped smoked almonds.


sola (3868 N. Lincoln Ave.)

Nothing satisfies a late-night sweet tooth quite like a good ice cream sandwich. It's basically like drinking a glass of warm milk to fall asleep, but cold. And better. sola's new late-night menu, available Thursday through Saturday starting at 10 p.m., offers innovative ice cream sandwiches in flavors like brownie, sesame brittle and banana. Each one gets a side of hot fudge dipping sauce, because gilding the lily has never tasted so divine.

Photos: Unite Urban Grill, Black Dog Gelato, Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams