Participate in the joyful community celebration of Kwanzaa on Tuesday, December 27, at the DuSable Museum of African American History in the Hyde Park neighborhood. The annual African American cultural celebration focuses on seven African principles for each day of the weeklong event, which culminates with a feast and creative program.



A Lively Kwanzaa Celebration    FREE!


DuSable Museum // December 27, noon–2:30 p.m.

Kwanzaa at DuSable

The DuSable Museum's Kwanzaa program unfolds on the second day of the holiday, which highlights the principle of kujichagulia, or self-determination. The event will kick off with a drum call with the Thunder Sky Drummers, who are noted for melding traditional African drum techniques with contemporary jazz syncopation.

The free event also features performances by Najwa Dance Corps. an acclaimed local troupe which tells stories through the African American heritage and talented musician Maggie Brown, daughter of the legendary jazz artist Oscar Brown Jr., who combines history and music for an art form she calls 'edutainment." 



PLUS An Artful Collection of Quilts 

After the Kwanzaa event, visitors can check out the new exhibit, "Unpacking Collections: The Legacy of Cuesta Benberry, an African American Quilt Scholar."  The traveling exhibition showcases 52 quilts as well as patterns, notes and kits related to quilt-making.



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