Helmuts from The Greeks Exhibit at The Field Museum
Explore more than 500 rare Greek artifacts at the newest exhibition at The Field Museum, The Greeks—Agamemnon to Alexander The Great. Chicago hosts the largest exhibition of this kind to tour North America and it delivers a fascinating glimpse into ancient Greek life. The collection spans 5,000 years of Greek history and culture, with a focus on the every day effects of individual people.
greek exhibit
Check out the death mask of fabled Greek King Agamemnon, pictured above, as well as golden crowns and jewelry, sculptures, daggers, military uniforms and even coins. Browse the galleries and videos and gain a sense of what it was like to live thousands of years ago, in the country that birthed Western democracy. The exhibit runs through April 10, 2016; tickets are included in Discovery and All-Access passes to the museum.
Photo courtesy of The Field Museum of Chicago (Archaeological Museum of Pella; Archaeological Museum)