Logan Center for the Arts - Blog

Architecturally, the University of Chicago's recently opened Logan Center for the Arts is where a Trump Tower penthouse meets an artisanal butcher shop in Ludwig Mies van der Rohe's living room. It's as brazenly garish as it is distinctly refined. Like art, it's a collaborative effort between creativity and structure.

Through building the Logan Center for the Arts, the University of Chicago is attempting to create a hub that connects study, practice and performance. While the center's culture factory aspirations will take time to realize, it comes fully loaded with all the bells, whistles, Steinway Grand Pianos and gallery walls. Here's a look at the building by the numbers:

2,150: square feet of gallery space. Through November 25th, visit Ricardo Basbaum's Would you like to participate in an artistic experience?

$114M: Cost to build the facility. That's, like, four Picasso's.

474: seat Performance Hall.

23: number of visual arts studios. Don't forget, it's a school too.

184,000: the facility's total square feet.

2: number of cool sweatshirts I saw while walking the halls. Artistic types have killer style.

10: number of Steinway Grand Pianos.

11: floors in this strikingly tall building with aerial views of the campus and Lake Michigan from behind windows that are more than 20 feet tall.

4: number of times I explored my existential existence after taking in a particularly profound piece of abstract art.

10: seconds it should take you to find a worthwhile performance or exhibition on their calendar of events.