Dragon Ranch - Blog

I've been covering music and nightlife long enough to know that if you're doing Chicago right, a couple of egg whites and a flute of bubbly aren't going to tide you over the next morning. Rockstars wake up in need of something a little more substantial, like, say, bacon! Lucky for us, Rockit Ranch Production's family of restaurants has some delicious offerings for those mornings that start around 11:30.

The Drinks

Dragon Ranch--a downhome Western BBQ joint with a bit of an Asian flair--has started offering a Sunday brunch menu. While not particularly expansive--under ten dishes--the focus is on perfecting the basics. Classic brunch drinks, like their Bloody Mary, take on a customizable flavor with a pickle juice base and a do-it-yourself bar complete with unique add-ins like sriracha.

The Eats

The seasonally topped Belgian waffle--accented with fresh strawberries, blueberries and raspberries--is sweet and fluffy but hefty enough to fill you up. A pulled pork benedict--spiced up with cuts of red pepper on top--is a seriously meaty way to start the day. If that's not extreme enough for you, there's the spicy Thai benedict that includes a red curry coconut hollandaise and homemade sausage patties.  

The Setting

Dragon Ranch, like a U2 concert, is ideal for families and rockers. Take your band of misfits and saddle up at one of the picnic-style tables, or for a quick noon-time bite with your significant other. If you can't bear the wait for your food, grab a seat at the chef's bar  The scents that waft out from the kitchen past the chef's bar should hold you over if you want to grab a seat here in case you can't bear the wait for your food.  

The Fine Print

Dragon Ranch is located downtown at 441 N. Clark St. Rockit Ranch's other locations--Rockit Bar and Grill in River North, Rockit Burger Bar in Wrigelyville and Sunda down the street from Dragon Ranch--also have hearty brunch offerings that will take the edge off last night and fuel you up for the day to come.