Black Creativity Exhibit

February can be one of the coldest months of the year, but that doesn't mean that the city doesn't supply reasons to lure you out. Celebrating Chicago's extensive black history is one of the very good reasons. From museum exhibits to neighborhood festivities, there are a host of activities to round out your February. Check these events out before the end of the month:


DuSable Museum: Black History Celebration 

Learn about the African American journey through resistance and freedom with the exhibit, Freedom, Resistance and The Journey Toward Equality. Then continue the celebration with a Black History program that includes a performance by R&B star Johnny Gil on Friday, February 20. The event starts at 6:30 and tickets are $20.   


Museum of Science and Industry: Black Creativity Exhibit

The annual celebration of the African American contribution to the arts and sciences continues through February 21. The Black Creativity juried art exhibit displays 100 art works from artists all over the country. Don't miss the Black Creativity Innovation Studio, where guests can experiment and explore design thinking as well as learn about African American contributions to technology, engineering, science and medicine. The studio is open through February 27.


Roosevelt University Black History Month Conference: "Come Let Us Build A New Orld Together: 50 Years After The Mississippi Summer Project"

Discover the history of the Student Non Violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) and the historic battle for voting rights, the Mississippi Summer Project, freedom schools, Black Power and how these movements connect to the current student activism, including Black Lives Matter. This two-day conference at Roosevelt University on February 26-27, is open to the public and costs $10 a day for registration. The conference features interactive panels, film and speakers including Bree Newsome, the activist and film maker who was arrested for taking the confederate flag down from the South Carolina state building.


Neighborhood Celebrations: Austin Town Hall and Washington Park

Most Chicago neighborhood park districts sponsor Black History Month events and some of the most popular are Austin Town Hall, which includes a program of poetry, dance and trivia on February 25, 6-7:30 and  Washington Park, Ashaki Black History Celebration which includes vendors selling crafts and food, music, dance and cultural exhibits on February 27, 11-3pm.