It's not hard to argue that Ludwig van Beethoven is the world's most famous classical music composer. It's also not hard to argue that in today's musical landscape classical music can be overlooked for hipper, more modern genres. Sure, we're always looking for new music, but it's important to save space in your iTunes library for the classics.

That's what makes the Beethoven Festival Chicago: LOVE 2013 so exciting. Along with eight days of classical music arrangements and performances, the festival illuminates how a composer born in the 18th century has influenced even the most popular contemporary rock acts. 

In addition to classical music arrangements -- including the premiere of a newly discovered Beethoven love song led by Wilco drummer Glen Kotche -- you'll also heard various takes on influential modern classics like The Beatles and Radiohead. The schedule, comprised of more than 60 performances by musicians from 12 different countries, is massive and can be viewed in full here

Most of the performances take place at the Merit School of Music (38 N. Peoria) just west of the Loop with art, fashion and food  to accompany the festival's dense lineup. 

At $30 for a one-day pass, it's hard to pack in this much music of such a high caliber into a single day for this low of a price tag. 

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