Activate - Chicago Loop Alliance

Conversations about creating great public spaces in cities are all the rage these days. As more and more people return to live in the Loop, a variety of organizations remain excited about the possibilities of getting folks out and about in underutilized areas, such as, well, wait for it: alleys.

One group that’s been leading the way is the Chicago Loop Alliance. Over the past year, they’ve been inviting artists to exhibit their work in a variety of alleys across the Loop. And when you add music, drink and hundreds of new friends, you have a fine evening out.

This fabulous series is called "ACTIVATE" and you can join in on June 12 as they’re collaborating with the Chicago Design Museum to create what they call PLAY. It’s an exploration of “dynamic relationships between space, shape, and color.” It’s all taking place in the Chicago Theatre Alley, which is on State Street between Lake and Randolph, immediately south of the Chicago Theatre.

The event takes place from 5-10 p.m. and if you register beforehand, you can pick up a free drink, which is a nice bonus. It promises to be a wonderful evening, so get a group of friends together and make an entire evening of it. 

Photo by Jennifer Catherine Photography