Lucas Bros

Once upon a time there were twins who both fell in love with comedy and decided who better to pursue it with than one another. They were named one of Variety’s 10 Comics to Watch of 2014 and they were right. Ladies and gentlemen, they are coming to Chicago, so get ready, here is a lil' chat wit The Lucas Brothers: Keith and Kenny. 

How did you get started in comedy and how has it evolved?

KEITH: Kenny got started in NYC during our final year of law school. I started around the same time too, but in Durham, NC. We eventually converged in Jersey for a few months, then moved to NYC together in 2010. Our act has evolved significantly. We bounce off of each other a lot more. We also improvise a bit more.   

What or who are you major comedic influences?

KENNY: Bob Newhart, Dave Chappelle, Seinfeld (TV show), Martin (TV show)

What's it like pursuing a shared career with your brother?

KEITH: It's great. Most times our biggest complaints in life are our co-workers. I get the benefit of working with my best friend, so it's always a delight. We also share similar perspectives about the world, which makes our conversations more intriguing.

What was the inspiration behind Lucas Bros. Moving Co?

KENNY: We were inspired by Beavis and Butt Head, regular show, Martin, ATHF [Aqua Teen Hunger Force] and Seinfeld. We wanted to keep the stories mundane and ordinary at the top and absurd at the end. Also, we love '90s pop culture, so we revolve a lot of episodes around it.

What has been your biggest starstruck moment so far?

KEITH: I don't really get starstruck. But, one surreal moment was when I saw Dave Chappelle at a Prince concert. If you know the reference, then that moment is a strange one.

What can we expect from you next?

KENNY: We're in the process of writing a movie. Hopefully it'll be the greatest movie ever written. It won't be.

What are you most looking forward to seeing/eating/experiencing during your time in Chicago?

KEITH: Looking forward to eating some Chicago pizza and performing. Maybe we'll go to a Bulls game too.

Check out The Lucas Brothers at The Beat Kitchen on October 11, you can get tickets here